Advantages of using Ultra Clean

It is recommended that you have your mild steel trays coated to prevent rust. Oven enviroments are highly conducive to rust. You may also find stains or rust flakes on your product.

Rubberising extends the lifespan of trays and pans. The lifespan of rubberised bake ware is around 700 releases. The saving in cost of rubberising versus oil can be 50% or more over the life of rubberising.

A high build-up of carbon on the pans forms an insulation that prevents proper heat transfer to the product. This can lead to uneven baking or longer oven times and therefore higher baking costs.

Rubberised pans will increase productivity, as bakers will not have to grease the pans. The extremely good release properties guarantee clean product separation from the tin ensuring superb baking conditions throughout.

Your bakery will be cleaner when you use rubberised pans, as there will be no oil lying around to be cleaned up.

Wares that have been baked in coated tins have a characteristically smooth surface.

Coated tins are much easier to clean occasional rinsing with hot water of sponging down is all that is required.

Our coating is extremely durable, staying in mint condition for a long time, resulting in numerous benefits including quality, quantity and costs.

Cleaning Process